Sunday, February 06, 2011

Valentine’s Day Lonely Hearts Love Poetry Challenge DAY 6 (poem)

Here is the poetry offering for the Day 6 Lonely Hearts poetry challenge. Lemme know whatcha think, and what you are writing.  Share, Subscribe, Follow! Keep up the Love!

The last goodbye.
by Ieisha McIntyre

Your lips parted into a smile. 
You said that you would see me 
when you got back.
Certain you were right, 
I didn’t watch you board the plane. 
I didn’t wait to see it take flight. 
When the phone rang, I thought it would be you just checking in.
So, I let it go to voicemail. And a strangers voice told me
 that you would not be home.

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1 comment:

Tsukina said...

Man, so beautiful, so sad.
I've got to get back writing!