Tuesday, July 03, 2012

I haven't posted a full poem in a while.  With the way that people love to snatch poems and call them their own nowadays.  But today I felt moved to place something on the minds of whomever reads this little blog of mine.  So here you have something for your summer reading and thinking. Blessings and enjoy!

When Is it Enough?
by Ieisha McIntyre
I can wake up in the morning
and look out my window 
and see the truth.
Why that isn't enough, I don't know.
I can move my two legs equally well. 
And walk up and down hills
taking in the morning breeze, 
high-fiving oak leaves as I go. 
But still, it is not enough.
I can place my palms together in prayer 
have those prayers answered and blessed.  
still not enough.
I know that the God I worship is 
the beautiful soul within me, Yet
I look outward for the love I seek.
It is still not enough.

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