Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Valentine’s Day Lonely Hearts Love Poetry Challenge DAY 9

Hello Lonely Hearts Poets!  You all are doing an amazing job. I'm typing right along with you. And will post my poems for Day 7-9 by Friday.  While I know that is not the ideal, I know many of you are working a day job like myself. It is this lonely winter stretch after the holidays that can really get to a soul.  So why don't we give ourselves a moment to write a love poem to the day jobs we have?  Or the day jobs we wish we had, or aspire to have.


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Tsukina said...

Back to back in the cube,
I always knew you had me covered.
Finishing each others sentences,
and people lost track of which was you and which was me, but we knew.
You were the tall one with the chinos and polos.
I was the short one with the velvets, exotic prints and billowing scarves.
I don't miss the coffee, the computer time, the challenge of the office, but I miss our foxhole friendship.