Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine’s Day Lonely Hearts Love Poetry Challenge DAY 10 (poem)

Here's your Day 10 Writing prompt poem Lonely Hearts! Slowly but surely I'm getting these guys done.  I hope that you are doing well in your writing too.  I'm still thinking about a challenge prize.  If you place your poems or pieces of them and a link to your site in the comments section then I'll see what I can do. Keep your heads up and Keep the Love flowing!

Love’s Anaconda
by Ieisha McIntyre
I slip through tall grass, slip into waters, slide up the 
trunks of trees, and all in search of you.
All in search of this love. 
But I can’t help my nature, 
I know I will surround you.
Encase you in my bliss,
Let the warmth of my embrace subdue your other promptings. 
Let the beating of my heart synchronize with yours.
Lull you into submission,
Make you unaware our love’s grasp
upon your body, your life. 

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