Friday, April 10, 2009

#10 of Naprowrimo (Maafa Cycle

#10 of Maafa Cycle


Here is this flesh
Wrapped around wood
Hands lashed together
Heart pounding
Mind clasped tight around fear
Waiting for breath, while breathing
Waiting for the promised beating
The beating promised to my too dark flesh upon birth.
Waiting for the twisted hide of an animal to launch through the air and past
The speed of sound
Wildly through the air, land as deftly across the flesh of my back
Split like overripe cherries in summer heat
Breath stops, eyes bulge, arms arch against unheard of pain, every muscle contracts
Before breath can be found
New split skin and tears stream down my face, never mind that I am a woman, never mind that I have borne children who work this land,
Never mind that I have given my body to pleasure the man who sold away my love
Never mind
The blood and sweat rolling down my back, never mind
The fire in my lungs
Never mind that my lips can’t even shape the question my mind screams
Never mind.

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#9 of Maafa Cycle

Did you here that?

Did you hear that? Did you hear that?
Sounded like a link in a chain falling.
Did you hear that? Sounded like the first time – Nigger came flying from 4 year old pale white face pink lips.
Did you hear that? I Swear I heard something when I first learned the direction the Nile flowed, and found Kilimanjaro on the map.

Did you hear that?
Martin and Malcolm talked, and called their wives at night. And, read and learned and became definers.
So defined that they are studied and made studies. Did you hear that?
Not even the bullets blasts have taken them from us. No it has not been the bullets blasts but it has been our absence and our willingness to media, to mainstream, to celebrity our memory. We lost them before we found ourselves.
Before we found ourselves we ran to white picket fence streets and forgot our own. Before we took care, to take care, it was taken.
And when we cried foul, we found that it was not a new trick but an old.
The same tool of colony had taken us again. But then instead of losing country and language, history and family, faith and healing, we lost all those who survived the chains.
Big Momma and Old Uncle, Grandpa and Auntie, we lost knowing just how much God has done, we lost witness, and cried foul but it was too late,
new chains had already been prepared.
But this too was not new, these chains were the same chains as used on the first Americans. Chemical chains, wrapped up nice,
yellow diamonds in a dealers pocket.
The dealers,
Worshippers of the money God. They filled the necessary criteria. They volunteered to be the scapegoat who made the people the lamb.
the chain was not complete until the last link was added.
The children.
Once the children were raising children,
and once the children would not read, once the children were given to those who refuse to know and who swallow stoneguilt down throats of glass, then the last link was formed.
Here, American.
You piece of Diasporic Afrika.
Here - we are still dancing, still bobbing and weaving,
still shufflehussle
still adrift
with dulldrum minds in critical mass, we are chained.
Did you hear that?

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Embrace - #8/30 for Naprowrimo

#8/30 not Maafa


Fingers against fingers. My fingers, someone’s hand.
Fingers touch wrist and I roll to the side. Face against face and
I smile.
Hands in hair and fingers twist gently ‘round hibiscus locs, nose nuzzles ear.
I’m kissed.
Lips touch lips. Softly, gently, gracefully dance. Nose breaths in sandalwood and cedar on warm skin.
He is treasure.
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Man - #7/30 of Maafa Cycle

#7/30 of the Maafa cycle
Man for sale.
Man for sale.
One man, black man.
One good negro man.
For Sale.
Never run away, talks good, strong back.
Clean back.
Good teeth.
One negro
For sale. One negro buck. Four strong
Boys, good negros too. All good pickninnies, work hard
500 dollars will buy you this negro. One strong rice negro.
Work all day and never talk back. Work all
Day, no doubt. Buy this Negro, never look back.
Negro for sale.
Negro for sale.

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Sunday, April 05, 2009

#5 of Maafa Cycle: Atone

#5 of Maafa Cycle


Here is this skin – this black skin.
Here is this body – covered by this black skin.
Here is this soul - full of light and promise.
Here is this world – that looks upon this black skin and calls it secondary.
Here is this earth – the blackest soil reaps the most abundant crop-
Here is the sun- that waits upon this skin.
Here is the world – that buys, sells, rapes, kills this flesh
Here is this soul – made stronger or broken.
Here is this world – that calls this flesh an abomination.
Here is the blood- spilled for gold, sugar, tea, coffee, cotton.
Here is the foot – with steps cut short for trying.
Here are the hands – chapped and bleeding from reaching.
Here is the womb – soured by anger.
Here is this god – who gives his son a copper hue.
Here is this body – that bends so as not to break.
Here is this soul - eternal and connected.
Here is this world – willing to lie to steal the soul from the skin.
Here is the body – Atone.
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