Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine’s Day Lonely Hearts Love Poetry Challenge DAY 9 (poem)

Day 9 Lonely Hearts poem is up!  I'm slowly catching up.  I might even make it before midnight!  But I'll take it one at a time.  Let me know what you think.  I think after this one, for the remainder of Feb. I'll do an African-American History Month challenge.  Perhaps I'll even have a prize for that one.  A little one. I think of something.
by Ieisha McIntyre
The routine,
the challenge, 
the victories, and the failures.
All between dawn and dusk. 
All the hours governed by bells.
All the days, measured down to the minute.

No matter how many 
minutes are counted
the unexpected,
and unpredictable looms.  

The dusty chalk, the pencil shavings, 
and red pens. 
The tools of learning made ready,
a bell, it begins again.
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