Monday, February 07, 2011

Valentine’s Day Lonely Hearts Love Poetry Challenge DAY 7 & 8

Hello Lonely Heart Poets! Its Day 7 and well past the time of posting so I will post your prompts for today and tomorrow.

For Day 7, we are going to take a look at Paulo Coehlo's Blog - Character of the Week Pillar.  His character of the week talks about the fear that's created when one waits to act on love.  When you think too much, question your own heart, question your gut and you lose the passion to move forward and step out on faith.
It also talk about the power that love has to draw others to us.  When we are loved by one we are loved by others.  Give people the impression that there is no one who has loved you and you might give them the impression that you are not worthy of their love either.
Can you relate to those two moments?  Check out the blog article.  Does it bring up a memory? Stir a new thought?  Well whatever your reaction, write about it! And put it into a poem.  Give us a link to it if you'd like to share.

For Day 8, Let's take a day to think about the love that we have for those in our family.  The love you have or wish you had from your mother/father/family members, what does it look like?  What would you like it to be?  How would you let them know?

Well that's all for now Lonely Hearts.  Happy Writing and Keep in touch!

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