Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine’s Day Lonely Hearts Love Poetry Challenge DAY 11 & 12 Writing Prompt

Hello Lonely Hearts!  Here are your writing prompts for Feb. 11 and 12th.  I'll be posting my poems before the end of today.  I hope you are keeping your heads up and hearts full of hope and love for all humankind.  As we all watch from near and far and witness Egypt's fight for freedom, we are also watching an example of what can happen when those with weaponry choose love over violence.  We watched as soldiers kept their word not to fire, as minority Egyptian Christians used their bodies to shield praying Moslems.

Your Writing prompt #11 is your opportunity to write a love letter to "the other".  Whomever the other is for you in your community.  Take a moment and meditate upon the goodness that they bring into your community.  Write it down.  And, don't forget to put it in the form of a poem.

Have you ever thought that if you had super powers that you might use them to find the love of your life?  Telepathy to find out if that person you like really likes you.  The ability to fly in order to make a long distance relationship easier.  The ability to stop time?

Writing prompt #12:  What would you super power be?  How would you use it to bring love into your life and to nurture it?  Good Luck Lonely Hearts! Keep Writing! Valentine's Day is almost here.

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