Monday, April 02, 2012


Well hello fellow poets and lovers of poetry.  Here we are again in April. We continue to celebrate our beloved national poetry month with the 30/30 CHALLENGE. 30 poems in 30 days. Can you do it? Can you create with judging yourself? Can you read and absorb the truth of other people?  Well let's see if I can do that myself. I'll be writing some, sharing some, and trying to inspire you to do the same with as many writing prompts as I can muster.  I've had a few years of trying on the 30/30 challenge and I've made it through only once.  I'll see if I can get another year under my belt. 
Some years I try to find a theme to my writing and other years the theme finds me.  I believe this year the theme has absolutely found me.  Perhaps the same theme has found you too. 

Have you felt that you've looked around your last corner? Have you begun to think that you've had your last surprise and that for better or worse, your life is your life?  Have you begun to think that you just better get used to it and that your dreams were just dreams?  And then, for no reason at all, something changes, something happens, and everything looks just a little bit different. If you're picking up, what I'm putting down let's get to it and POEM!! And see if we can stick with the theme of Unexpected Beauty and Blessing.

Here's your writing prompts for April 1st and 2nd:

Writing Prompt #1: 
What is that thing that you've wanted all your life that you had begun to think you'd never see come into your life? Has it found you? Whether big or small speak to the beauty of that blessing.

Writing Prompt #2: 
The blessing of a child's imagination is not often honored. Do you remember your childhood flights of fancy? Have you been surprised when that magic has revisited you lately? Poem it! Share it!

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