Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine’s Day Lonely Hearts Love Poetry Challenge DAY 11 (poem)

Hello Lonely Hearts!  Here is my poem for the Day 11 Writing prompt.  I don't know if I will have the chance to get to days 12 and 13 before tomorrow night, but I will put up the prompt for Valentine's Day  in a few moments so that you may have all day tomorrow to ponder what you would like to write.  Please keep up the good work!  I see readers visiting from all over the world.  Know that you are not the only lonely heart out there.  But you just might be the only one placing it in poetry.

heal love power

by Ieisha McIntyre

Let me lay my hands and my heart on you,
Lend you my ears and hear your sorrow. 
Let me wrap my arms around you, 
warm your skin, help it release the pain.
Let me love the places within you
no one has yet seen.
Take your trembling hands from your eyes, 
And let you see the way that
You can heal the little boy within you.
Bring back the possible you once dreamed of while mimicking the sounds of fire engines and cowboy calls. The little boy who made
his mother’s robe into his future doctor’s lab coat.
The man who would fight to hold on to his hope.
Let me love you through -- be the light in your lantern. 
Look my way sojourner, 
let me lead you from the cave.
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