Saturday, February 05, 2011

Valentine’s Day Lonely Hearts Love Poetry Challenge DAY 3 (poem)

Day 3: Lonely Hearts Poem “First Glance”  

Hello again Lonely Hearts Poets!  Here is my little love offering of a poem for Day 3 of our challenge.  I'll post Day 4 as soon as possible and your Day 5 writing prompt will be up in a moment.  Let me know how you're doing so far on this challenge.  If you have writing prompt suggestions you should include those as well.  You can place your suggestions either in the comments section of my posts or you can email them to me.  Blessings and spred the love!!!  (Share, Rate, Follow!)

by Ieisha McIntyre

Your voice, (water droplets on an upright basses strings.)
Lifts my attention from rapt conversation. 
Pulls my eyes up in search of the 
tone that has caused my breath to stop, and mind to wonder.
Something tells me that I have heard the echo of a prayer.

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