Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Valentine’s Day Lonely Hearts Poetry Challenge!

The Valentine’s Day Lonely Hearts Poetry Challenge!
I’m sitting here today looking over what poems I’d like to challenge myself to submit.  I have found myself most drawn to my love poems.  I am also struck by the realization that I am once again approaching African-American History month and Valentine’s Day. And, that I am again without a focus for my adoration, except for my adoration for poetry.  So, I challenge you who are out there, reading my blog, and willing to play along, to combat the lonely heart blues with poetry.  Excise your love angels and demons! Perhaps even gain the courage to send your poem on a postcard to anywhere, or as a message in a bottle, or tied to a ballon.  Who knows?!  The Valentine’s Lonely Hearts Poetry challenge will begin Feb. 1! Oh yes, and the challenge of course is to write one poem per day up to Valentine’s! I might even consider writing on through to the end of the month. We’ll see. I’ll post prompts just to give you a start if you need one.

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