Saturday, January 08, 2011


2010 was quite a year of change and firsts for me both good and bad.  One of those firsts was my first roll in a professional play, in Gold From Straw's, Tacoma's new theatre company's inaugural performance of Shanley's DOUBT.  Here are the photos of myself and Marilyn Bennett! Oh and by the way, the performance earned me a shared nomination of The Volcano's Best Local Actress of 2010 and an amazing write up by The Tacoma News Tribune! Without further delay, I present to you, The Doubt photos!

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Fr. Andrew said...

So cool, Ieisha. With all our conversations in Yakima/Tieton, I don't recall you mentioning that you were an actor, too. I wish I had seen the show!

Ieisha McIntyre said...

That's alright. That's why I have the blog, I forget to mention events. Feel free to subscribe.