Tuesday, August 17, 2010

PlayScape poetry

The following poems were inspired by the sounds of the school yard. I have more and will put them in a little chapbook soon. Enjoy, and feel free to leave a comment. I like those a lot.

Playscape poetry:
by Ieisha McIntyre

Swish-roar of traffic
cars and people on their way going
or coming from something or not.
I’ve wondered and lost.
But here is this roar-swish and
a window down
children laughing
part-time custody parent,
with burgers -
fries on the side and
a promise of shakes later.

Seagull, gull, gull  soar-oar
drift-ift on thah-ah-ah
and let-et sun-un
unfurl the day upon-on
your wings-ings-ings.

Thump-thump children on plastic slides
giggling-balance between
childhood fantasy and growing - too big discoveries
of can’t fit and got stuck.
Lifetime to learn and lean.

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