Sunday, April 03, 2011

NAPOWRIMO 2011-Writing Prompts

Let's Catch up- Days #1-4
Hello NAPOWRIMO poets! If you are like me, you just wanted to make it through April fools and may have forgotten all about poetry.  Well, if you did don’t worry. Here are three writing prompts to get you caught up and one to get you back on track for Monday April 4th.  Don’t forget to LINK and SHARE!

Prompt #1- FOOLERY
Since this one should have been for April fools, which I confess to loathe.  Let’s write a little poem that some how gives shape to the way that you feel when you feel foolish.  Try to focus on the “giving shape” part of the prompt.

Prompt #2- Found poetry
  1. Take a moment and look through your most recent favorite magazine article. 
  2. Cut that article out of your magazine.
  3. Now, cute phrases, words, sentences out of that article.
  4. Rearrange those words, phrases, sentences until you have your newly found poem.
  5. POST IT!
Prompt #3- Sunday Walk
  1. Take a walk!
  2. Walk around your apartment, block, backyard, bedroom.
  3. Notice what you notice.
  4. Whatever you noticed the most of, write about it!
Prompt #4
Let’s focus on just one word. Flip through the dictionary, preferably a rather large one, an let your finger land on a random word.  Accept the challenge of writing a poem based on and/or involving your newly discovered word.

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